Hello all.
Alright, let’s all get one thing out in the clear from the beginning.
I expect role playing from all of you, and good role playing at that. I require banter between you all and the NPCs as well, commentary (in character) on recent events and locales, and realistic and in-character reactions and actions. I require you to pay attention to what is going on. I require you to keep a Journal, and you will recieve XP and coin for this Journal.
Tieing into XP and Role-Playing, I grant as much XP for RP as I do for harder accomplishments, such as puzzle solving and combat.
And I absolutely require you to voice your thoughts, concerns and complaints regarding The Harrowed Isles. This part is exceptionally important, as I cannot improve if I don’t know that I’m doing something wrong.
I put a great deal of thought, effort and purple prose into Harrowed Isles, and I expect more from my players than typical D&D happyslap PCs.

If you cannot provide this, then this is not the game for you.

The Harrowed Isles

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