You may Reserve a Half action without using a Half action.

I’m not going to tell you what your Wounds are! I’ll secretly track them, have fun with the combat!

Speaking of more tense combat, I am creating new tables for Injuries. Every time you are injured, the Wounds of damage you take to that part is the value used on the Injury table, should you take more than 10 W in a single hit, it moves on to the Critical table for the remaining damage!

Attacks against a helpless target are far more lethal.

Guideline for Injuries.
This is very general, and will almost always be modified or used as a guideline for how badly an injury hurts you.

1: Near Brush: You got lucky and took no notable damage.
2-3: Trim n’ a Haircut: A bit of something you rather liked is, such as your mustache or scabbard, damaged, but your yourself are not injured.
4-5: Just skin deep: Should you have been hit in a limb or head, Minus 5% to checks involving the extremity for the rest of the fight. Does stack.
6-7: That’ll leave a scar- Lose an additional Wound.
8-9: Staggered: Make a Toughness check, or lose your next half-action.
10: Ouch.: Lose a Wound, and roll again.


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