Out of Combat

Instead of the current Insanity system, you have Sanity. You start with the maximum of 100, and lose Sanity. The more you lose, the more the GM can mess with you.

Side-Note: As might be expected from WHFRP, the only advantages a PC has is his Fate Points, and the only distinction he has is Interesting Times (if not pleasant ones).
You have no plot armor, and the world is full of bastards and misfortune.
Bad things will happen. Though I will not kill you on a whim, expect bad things, some of which you cannot control.
Expect good things, as well.

Just putting this out here. No, the encounters will not be weighted or balanced towards the PCs. Your opponents will have all the intelligence and might I deem appropriate for the situation, usually regardless of the PCs. There is no satisfaction to the game if it is clear that your foes are there merely to be hacked down.

Another note- Often times one or more PCs will be in an encounter that does not include one or more of the other PCs. If at all possible, I will try to include NPCs that the absent PCs can control. It is quite possible that these NPCs the absentees control will be opposed to the present PCs. Should you not control the NPC to satisfaction (ie, you are not behaving as the NPC should (though I give you leeway to personalize the NPC as you’d like)), I will take back control…and possibly make the encounter more difficult.

I tend to allow players to help create the environment, in that unless I state otherwise, anything that would make sense in that environment, is in that enviroment if they say so. ie, stools and mugs in a bar, candle stands and prayer books in a temple, etc.

The Journal is required. You must pen a journal, in-character!, concerning the session’s events, and I’d like a bit of a prologue concerning your events before the first session as well. As a bonus, you get 5xp, and 1 silver tolly for your Journal. The person with the best (most amusing, in-character, enlightening, etc etc) Journal concerning the session gets 10xp and 2 silver qutz’s.

Out of Combat

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