Spell Casters

An Apprentice Wizard may purchase up to three spells from their chosen Lore. Each spell costs 75xp.

A Journeyman’s Grimoire starts with 10 spells, of which 3 must be Minor (such as [Polish, Clean and Gleam], [Ferment], [Cleansing Glow], [Cauterize] and [Taste of Fire]). A Master Wizard may buy the Mighty Grimoire skill for 100xp, which adds 5 spells to the Grimoire, 1 must be Minor. A Wizard Lord may buy the Venerable Grimoire skill for 100xp, adding 5 more spells, 1 must be Minor.
Note that Petty spells do not count towards the 10 spells.

Spell-Casters of all sorts may create their own spells.
For that matter, I am very open to homebrew. Just stay balanced, within the setting, and anidiotic.

Note that all spells granting Flight have their CN increased by 10.

I am introducing multiple tiers of Windstone. Creating a Windstone is a Ritual requiring one hour.
To use a Windstone, make a Channeling check as a Free action, if successful, use the Windstone, if not, the Windstone is destroyed with no benefit. You may create/use 1 Windstone a day. Any more invokes Perils of the Aethyr, the grade moving up with each creation/usage. Note that creation and usage are on the same time-limit.
Petty Windstone= CN: 15 – Grants +1d2 to a single Cast
Windy Windstone= CN: 20 – Grants +2d2 to a single Cast
Potent Windstone= CN: 25 – Grants +3d2 to a single Cast
Mighty Windstone= CN: 30 – Grants +4d2 to a single Cast

Feel free to make up your own potions and rituals.
And yes, Channeling does make you glowy.
Or visible, at any rate, how you fluff it is your buisiness.

I realize that I’ve made spell-casters somewhat more powerful. That’s fine, as it’s balanced by my neutering of some of the more out of balance spells, and said casters being steel magnets. And not in the golden way, either. You cannot cast spells when your lungs are filling with blood. Get paranoid.

Spell Casters

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