Melee Combats

A Kite Shield reduces attacks against you by 15%.
A Tower Shield reduces attacks against you by 25%, but lowers your movement by 1, and your Agility by 10%.

When wielding a Kite or Tower shield, gain +25% on Maneuver attempts.

You may Reserve a Half action without using a Half action.

All gunpowder based weapons gain the Armor Piercing quality, if they already have it, increase the AP to 2.

I’m not going to tell you what your Wounds are! I’ll secretly track them, have fun with the combat!

Speaking of more tense combat, I am creating new tables for Injuries. Every time you are injured, the Wounds of damage you take to that part is the value used on the Injury table, should you take more than 10 W in a single hit, it moves on to the Critical table for the remaining damage!

Melee Combats

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